How to Tell Your Car Where you Want to Go in Philadelphia the Futuristic Way with BMW Voice Command Navigation

Years ago, "voice command navigation" meant something completely different than what it does today. Before we used a GPS for driving directions, we'd just talk to our map-wielding passengers and simply tell them where we needed to go.  Navigation was a two-way conversation and not something that required you to take your hands off of the wheel to meddle with a finicky piece of automotive technology.

As your Devon, PA BMW dealership, we wanted to introduce our customers to a newer, safer way to navigate Philadelphia's crowded city streets, via this helpful video. Simply put, BMW's voice control navigation is as simple as using steering wheel controls and the sound of your own voice to input a destination and receive step-by-step directions.

We've all had the frustrating experience of trying to use a GPS when no one else was in the car. You're in heavy traffic with minimal time for second-guessing or lane changing, and you can't afford to take your hands off the wheel for a second. This is where this BMW technology comes into play and saves the day, allowing you to simply talk to your car for directions.

We encourage you to watch the how-to video on this page to learn precisely how to use this type of navigation system available in many BMW models. If you have questions about voice-command technology or BMW's fancy features, feel free to contact the sales staff here at BMW of Devon. If you live, work or play in the Main Line Suburbs, Berwyn or Wayne area, you can even drop by the dealership on a whim. We're right about the corner!