If your car's been serviced at our BMW of Devon dealership, then you may have driven one of our courtesy service loaners before. These like-new BMW cars and SAVs are only in use for a short while before we switch them out for new BMW models. What happens to the old courtesy service loaners? They go on sale for our BMW of Devon customers! 

Current Loaner Vehicles

Why Choose A BMW Courtesy Service Loaner As Your Next BMW Vehicle?

The best part about purchasing a BMW courtesy service loaner is that it's neither new or used, but it still has the benefits of both vehicles.

  • Never Owned - A service loaner hasn't ever been owned by anyone other than the dealership. It has never been titled, so you would be the first owner.
  • Used Car Prices - Because it's technically not brand-new, a service loaner comes with a lower used car price that's competitive against the current automotive market prices.
  • High-Standard Maintenance - While it was being used as a service loaner, our team of trained BMW technicians has kept up with and performed the routine BMW maintenance required. This maintenance is done with the highest care and only with genuine BMW parts.

Search Through Our BMW Courtesy Service Loaners Today!

If you're interested in finding an almost new BMW car or SAV for a great price, you'll want to check out our current BMW courtesy service loaner inventory. We have quite a few like-new BMW cars and SAVs available for any of our Malvern, Villanova, Norristown, or beyond drivers. If you see one you'd like, don't hesitate to take the short drive from King of Prussia, Berwyn, or Wayne, PA, to visit our Devon dealership today! 

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