Many new BMW vehicles come equipped with a BMW TwinPower Turbo engine equipped underneath the hood. The TwinPower turbo engine is designed to provide you with an athletic, fun to drive experience whether you're cruising the streets of Devon, PA or opening it up on the highway. But how does the BMW twin-turbo engine work? At BMW of Devon, we strive to provide you with the most in-depth knowledge and coverage of your BMW vehicle, and when it comes to driving, it all starts with the engine. To help you better understand your BMW vehicle, we're going to explain how the TwinPower turbo engine works and how you can better utilize your vehicle during your morning commute or your weekend getaway.

What is a TwinPower Turbo Engine?

The Twin in TwinPower doesn't mean that there are two turbochargers in the engine. Instead it means that there's an exhaust manifold that separates the exhaust gasses, allowing them to flow through two spirals, also called scrolls. That's why you'll often see the TwinPower engine also referred to as a twin-scroll engine. The turbocharger also has two nozzles, one that's smaller for low-end responses and a larger one for high output.

Test Drive a New BMW Vehicle at BMW of Devon

The best way to understand the BMW TwinPower engine is to come experience it for yourself. We invite you to join us at BMW of Devon to test drive one of our many new BMW models today and get a better feel for what the TwinPower engine can do for you!

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