BMW Teases the Upcoming, Fully Electric, iNEXT Concept Car

Forward thinking and innovation is not a new concept to the engineers at BMW, but the recent information surrounding the upcoming iNEXT Concept vehicle is perhaps the most exciting and revolutionary release yet. The upcoming iNEXT concept car is a fully electric, highly autonomous vehicle, offering drivers the ability to enjoy the manifestation of the future in a vehicle. With the recent success of BMW electrified vehicles, the iNext is sure to be a popular option among drivers looking for an uncompromised performance behind the wheel while also enjoying the benefits of an all electric vehicle and the confidence and convenience of a vehicle that can largely drive itself.

The upcoming iNEXT is scheduled to be released in 2021, but the recent unveiling is aimed at giving drivers and BMW enthusiasts some insight into the futuristic engineering and developments to come in the coming years. Not much information has been released about the upcoming iNext, however BMW did release a vague photo that shows the outline of the vehicle that appears to show a long roofline resembling an SUV type vehicle. What is known, however, is that the upcoming iNEXT will be fully electrified so you'll never have to stop for gas. It's also known that the iNEXT will offer highly autonomous driving features, allowing you to travel with the confidence and ease of knowing that your vehicle is looking out for you.

While its not set to be released until 2021, we want our customers to be the most informed about the developments happening behind the scenes at BMW and we'll continue to update you on any information that's released in the coming months building up to its 2021 release.

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