The Upcoming BMW 8 Series is True to Its Concept Form!


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Although the upcoming BMW 8 Series wasn't at the recent Geneva Auto Show this year, it was in Geneva. It's reported that the upcoming 8 Series was shown off to a select private group of viewers, who reported that it's about 90 percent identical to the concept version that was shown off last year. With a 90 percent likeness to the concept vehicle, you can expect to see the future of automobiles in front of your eyes, with a sharp and defined front end that almost resembles a trident, an elongated bonnet that leads the eyes up to the fluid and crisp cockpit and short back end, altogether culminating in a likeness that we've never seen before.

Reports also suggest that the technology features have taken a front seat as well, with a large screen inside, although we don't know if it's infotainment or instrument cluster. Since it's a BMW model, you can expect a key focus to be on performance, providing you with complete athleticism and agility both at city speeds and on the highway. While we don't know for sure when the upcoming BMW 8 Series is going to be unveiled, we do know that it's going to be an event to remember. To learn more about it, we encourage you to check back in as we'll be updating our blog as soon as we hear more details.

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