The Upcoming 2018 BMW M5 Has Been Unveiled

Since 1984, the BMW M5 has largely been regarded by most auto enthusiasts as the pinnacle of high-performance sports sedans, and the upcoming 2018 BMW M5 is no different. With racing genes engineered into every fiber of the vehicle, the latest technology on full display and an appearance that's sure to turn any head wherever you go, there are many reasons to want to get behind the wheel of the 2018 BMW M5.

The upcoming 2018 M5 will be the 6th generation, and will boast impressive features, like the debut of M-specific all-wheel drive system: M xDrive, which will deliver an unmatched ability and performance in any driving scenario. The vehicle will start up in all-wheel drive mode, but the driver can change a number of driving characteristics, including the ability to switch into rear-wheel drive and enjoy a traditional BMW driving experience. The new M5 is able to reach speeds of 0-60 mph in a blazing fast speed of 3.2-seconds, thanks to a powerful engine, lightweight build and revolutionary engineering.

While the upcoming 2018 BMW M5 is still yet to arrive, if you want to become acquainted with the M Series as a whole, we welcome you to come check out our wide selection of vehicles here at BMW of Devon, today.

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